As a visual artist, my work confronts our nature of observation. I revel in the pleasure of vision, and I create to share this satisfaction with my audience. My work attempts to present visually stimulating experiences through the use of pattern, complexity, contrast, language, semantics and objective aesthetics. The works of art produce visual stimulation to raise questions. How do our perceptual faculties function? How can our vision be communicated and validated between one another?


I am curious about the psychological ways in which we observe the world around us through both sight and blindness, attention and obstruction. The slight differences in sight e.g. seeing, looking, staring, glancing and blindness e.g. neglect, obstruction, complexity, motion and impairments, all function to develop our own sense of reality. The notion of recognizing our own cognition and developing constant acute awareness is at the forefront of my intent.


By choosing vision as a material, I seek out processes that demand order, repetition and complexity. Drawing stands as a process without boundaries or regulations, the ability to add, alter, erase, and edit form or pattern is always present. From fragments of drawings, weavings take shape and present new regulations and constraints, which are in turn manipulated again by the instruction of masking, resisting and dyeing. My process of making continually shifts between drawing and weaving, 2 dimensional and 3 dimensional, to mutually inform each material and new work.